Staff List

Senior Leadership Team

Headmistress: Miss S Dunn, BSc (Hons) NPQH, Exeter
Head of Junior School: Mr S Smerdon, BEd, Exeter
Director of Sixth Form: Mr T Hibberd, MA, Cambridge
Director of Studies: Dr P Rudling, MA, Cambridge; MSc, PhD Exeter
Assistant Head: Mrs C Leigh, BSc (Hons), Birmingham, MEd, Exeter
Assistant Head: Mr M Loosemore – BA (Hons), Southampton, (Head of English)
School Business Manager: Mrs S Gardner
Marketing & Communications Manager: Mrs R Board, BA (Hons), Warwick

Teaching Staff

(Teaching area in brackets)

Mrs S Bean, BA (Hons), Oxford (English)
Ms J Bellamy, BA (Hons), Manchester (Head of Drama)
Miss A Blackwell, BA (Hons), MA, LTCL, Durham University (Director of Music & Performing Arts)
Mrs T Boillet, MA, Exeter (EAL)
Mr T Bowler –  BSc (Hons), Exeter (Mathematics)
Mrs A Briscoe, BA (Hons), MA, Sussex (English)
Miss P Daniels – BSc (hons) Mathematics Lancaster, PGCE Exeter, (Mathematics Teacher)
Mrs E Darcy (Forest School Leader, Junior School)
Mr R Darcy – BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science & PGCE Biology, London (Biology Teacher)
Mrs W Dersley, BSc (Hons), Open University (Mathematics)
Mrs R Fabian – BSc (Hons), Exeter (Physical Education)
Mrs S Fanous, BEd, Keele (Head of Food & Nutrition/Textiles)
Mrs C Finnegan, BA (Hons), Central Saint Martins (Food & Nutrition/Textiles)
Mr J Friendship, BSc (Hons) Chemistry, Bristol, MBA, Exeter (ICT teacher)
Mrs K Fry, BEd, Exeter (Junior School)
Mrs C M Gabbitass, BSc (Hons), Loughborough (Director of Sport)
Mr A Ganley, BA (Hons), Nottingham (Drama)
Mrs C Gorrod, BA (Hons), Surrey (Junior School)
Mrs K Greenwood, BSc, Surrey, PGCE, Surrey (Year 2 Teacher)
Miss K Gwynne, MTheol, St Andrews; ThM, Princeton (Religious Studies)
Miss K Hall, (Pre-Prep Teaching Assistant)
Mrs M Harland, BA Hons, Nottingham (Ancient History & History), PGCE, Exeter
Miss E Hartopp, Uni of York: BA Joint Honours in English and Philosophy (English)
Dr R Henderson, MMath (Hons), Durham, PhD East Anglia (Mathematics)
Mr M Hoile – BA (Hons), Winchester (Primary Education)
Ms A M Hurley, MA, London (Head of Art)
Dr L Keen, MA, PhD, Exeter, MA, St Andrews (HOD Classics)
Mrs R Khreisheh, BA (Hons), Oxford (Junior School)
Miss K Lavelle – BSc (Hons) and MA, Birmingham (Physical Education/in charge of House System)
Mrs D Lewis, BA (Hons), Cheltenham (Careers / Exams Officer)
Mr J Lodge –  Bsc (Hons), Sussex (Physics Teacher)
Mr M Loosemore – BA (Hons), Southampton, (Head of English)
Mr I Macdonald, BSc (Hons), Sussex (Chemistry, Physics)
Mrs A Meaton, BA Ed, Southampton (Head of Pre-Prep)
Dr P Merisi, MPhil, PhD, Exeter (Head of Mathematics)
Miss C Morton, Uni of Sheffield: Joint Honours degree in French and Spanish (Spanish)
Miss K Parsons, Uni of Nottingham: Bachelor of Science, Geography (Hons) (Geography)
Mrs H Reynolds, BSc (Hons), Open University (Deputy Head of Junior School and Teacher of Year 6)
Mr P Richards, LL.B Southampton (Lead Teacher of Economics)
Mr C Ridler, MA (Hons), Warwick (HOF Science)
Mrs K Riley, BEd (Hons), Plymouth (Reception Teacher)
Mrs C Rowe, DipEd, Edinburgh (Junior School)
Mrs A Rowley, BA (Hons), Liverpool (English / Head of Upper 3)
Mrs Lucy Smart – BA Hons, Exeter (French and German), PGCE, Oxford
Mrs C Smith, MA, Tours (Head of Modern Foreign Languages)
Mrs R Smith, BA (Hons) PGCE Primary with Music Specialism (Junior Music)
Mrs K Spelman, BA (Hons), Oxford, MA London (Classics / History)
Mrs L Stanton – BA (Hons) French at Sheffield, PGCE Exeter (Spanish and French Teacher)
Dr M Stuttaford, MA, Exeter, BA (Hons), Exeter (German)
Mr J Tabb, BA (Hons), London (HOF Humanities)
Mrs Z Vingoe, BA (Hons), Manchester Metropolitan (Art)
Miss K Williamson, BSc (Hons), Bristol, MEd Exeter (HOD Geography/ Deputy Head of Sixth Form)
Mr A Wood, BA (Hons), Exeter (Physics)
Mrs S Wood, BA (Ed), Exeter (Physical Education)
Mrs T Wood, BA and MSci(Hons), Cambridge (Natural Sciences)
Mrs V Woulfe, BSc (Hons), Keele (Mathematics)
Ms J York, Uni of Bath: BSc (Hons) Natural Sciences (Biology)

Support Staff

Mr A Ayre (Chef Manager)
Miss M Beach (Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Early Years Practitioner)
Mr D Bratt (Gardener)
Mrs E Bremner (Marketing Assistant)
Mrs R Board – BA (Hons), Warwick, (Head of Communications)
Mrs C Chudley (Home Economics Assistant)
Mrs M Craig (SLT Administrator)
Mrs I Crasmariuc (Cleaner)
Mrs Z Cunningham (Human Resources Advisor)
Mrs M Davey – DipHE, Exeter, BSc (Hons), Plymouth, BA (Hons), Kent (School Nurse)
Mrs L Drake (Office Administrator), (Wellbeing Assistant)
Miss M Ellis –  (Archivist)
Mr M Everhard (Estate Dept)
Miss L Goodridge (Resources Assistant)
Mrs M Green (Finance Assistant)
Mrs H Halpin – BSc (Hons), Surrey (Resources Manager)
Mr P Hancock (Estates)
Mrs G Hannaford (Kitchen Assistant)
Miss C Harrison (Kitchen Assistant)
Mrs N Haworth – BA (Hons), Birmingham (Junior School Teaching Assistant)
Mrs W Holt – BEng, Plymouth (Science Technician)
Mrs J Hourihan – BSc, Birmingham, 2 x BA (Hons), Open University, PgDip Information and Library Studies, Robert Gordon University (Librarian)
Mrs O Jelinkova (Cleaner)
Mrs K Jones (Kitchen Assistant)
Mrs M Kaan – BA (Hons), Bangor, MA, Lancaster (Facilities Administrator)
Mrs S Knight – BSc (Hons) Salford (Admissions Assistant)
Miss K Kovacova (Cleaner)
Miss H Lloyd (Junior School Administrator)
Mrs G Lovelock (Minibus Driver)
Mr A Matthews (Minibus Driver)
Mrs K Matthews (Minibus Driver)
Mr A McDonald (Minibus Driver)

Miss L McNally (Digital Marketing and Alumnae Administrator)
Mrs L Mitchell (Chemistry Technician)
Mrs K Munro (School Registrar)
Mrs D Pearce – (Teaching Assistant)
Mrs J Pinniger (Counsellor)
Mrs G Pugh (Cleaning Supervisor)
Mr D Sutton (Minibus Driver)
Miss R Thompson-Ambrose (Receptionist)
Mrs A Trevallion (Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Thrive Practitioner)
Mr M Tribble (Chef)
Ms R Valiente-Martinez (Cleaner)
Mrs J Wallis (Kitchen Assistant)
Miss J Watson – BA (Hons), Durham, Geography and PGCE (Teaching Assistant)
Mr J Wicksteed – BSc (Hons), St Andrews (IT Systems’ Manager)
Mrs P Williamson – Finance Officer
Mrs H Wright (Science Technician)

Peripatetic Staff

Mrs C Austin (Oboe)
Mrs F Austen (Harp)
Mrs S Barlow (Dance)
Mrs D Broomfield (Choir, Singing, Piano)
Mrs E Bucci (Netball Coach)
Mr M Cann (Piano)
Dr H Catterick (Kick-Boxing/Martial Arts Instructor)
Ms C Conner (Gymnastics Coach)
Mr D Cottam (Guitar)
Mrs H Edwards (Netball Coach)
Mrs N Fitzgerald (Badminton Coach)
Ms S Fernandez-Temino (Aerobics Coach)
Ms J Gall (Clarinet Teacher)
Mrs C Greene (Art Technician)
Mrs A Higgins (Piano/ Bassoon)
Miss M Hiley (Percussion)
Ms K Howard (Creation station after school club)
Miss T Jeffery (Yoga Instructor)
Miss A Kettlewell (Singing)
Mrs P Leonard (Speech & Drama)
Mr J Martin (Outdoor Education)
Miss Mariko North (Piano)
Mr A Nuthall (Brass, Saxophone)
Mr R Porch (Piano Tuner)
Mr T Ross (Flute Teacher)
Mr J Rycroft (Lead Tennis Coach)
Mr W Scudder (PT Instructor)
Mr T Stinton (Martial Arts)
Mrs A Tillson-Hawke (Violin/Viola)
Ms I Woollcott (Double Bass)
Mr C Worcester (Basketball Coach)

Off Site Peripatetic

Ms A Finch (Exeter Gymnastics Club)
Ms S Finch (Exeter Gymnastics Club)
Mr M Euridge (Exeter Gymnastics Club)
Haven Banks
Exeter Squash Club