GCSE & A-level Results

Official Performance League Tables haven’t been published by the Department for Education since 2019 but, in that year, we were:

60th nationally at A-levelAnd top independent school in Devon for the fifth consecutive year.
Top 100 (out of 4434 schools) at A-levelBased on gaining a minimum of AAB grades for the facilitating subjects – the most rigorous A-levels required to study at top universities.
5th nationally (out of 1311 schools) at GCSEFor the percentage of students who achieved grade 5 or above in the English and Maths GCSE.
15th nationally at GCSEFor the Attainment 8 score based on how well students have performed in up to eight mainstream GCSE qualifications.
One of the highest in the UK … and concrete evidence of just how every single student within our care matters.With an above-average score for ‘Value Added’ in recognition of the way in which we can, through our dedicated teaching and smaller class sizes, significantly improve an individual’s performance from their predicted to actual grade.

A-LEVEL 2021

Grade A*36.6%
Grade A* and A78.8%
Grade A*, A and B92.7%
Pass Rate100%

GCSE 2021

Grade 929.8%
Grade 856.8%
Grade 7 and above80.2%
Pass Rate100%


We are equally proud that so many of our students pursue interesting degree subjects at top universities with an almost perfect 50/50 split between the Arts and STEM subjects (where nationally women only represent 19% of STEM students). Destinations include Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, UCL, London School of Economics, Warwick, Durham and Edinburgh amongst others.