Courses and Work Experience

Courses and work experience can be a great way of tasting new subjects, exploring career options, and evaluating a university. You may be introduced to a whole range of interesting theories and knowledge of a chosen subject that you could not possibly cover in school. Courses can build confidence, widen your knowledge, show initiative and enterprise, and look good on a CV or university application form. University taster courses may include lectures, discussions and tutorial sessions. They offer you the chance to meet staff and see how the university really works. You can highlight your attendance in your personal statement.

Work experience is a great way to get a step ahead when it comes to university applications and job interviews. Show your new employer that you have gained knowledge and skills in a real work environment where you have proven reliability, confidence and a willingness to learn. Work experience can increase self-understanding, maturity and independence, which are valuable skills saught by universities and employers. This is a great opportunity to explore possible career options or specialisms you may not have previously considered, or test the waters before committing to your university course or training. 

Many providers now offer online courses and work experience which can be completed from the comfort of your home or study space.

You might like to consider any of the following courses and work experience:

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