Psychology is a diverse subject, but is usually defined as the ‘science of mind and behaviour’.

A-Level Psychology at The Maynard introduces students to a wide variety of topics and will look at many of the central themes in Psychology following the AQA specification. An integral part of Psychology is an understanding of how psychologists use research methods to study behaviour, and students are expected to answer questions in the examinations on how to carry out research. Topics covered at AS also include memory, attachments, stress, social influence and abnormality. At A2 there is a choice of options, for example sleeping and biological rhythms, the development of gender, eating behaviours, or schizophrenia and anomalistic psychology.

A critical approach to the subject and the research studies is essential and students are encouraged to develop this throughout the two years of study. They are encouraged to consider the wider context in which Psychology belongs, by developing an understanding of cultural, social and contemporary issues. Although this is an academic course, students enjoy the opportunity to offer opinions through class debate and discussion.