Careers Events

It is recommended that you attend as many Careers events as you possibly can, especially before making big decisions linked to GCSE, A-level and degree level choices. Some of the events will be local and you can attend after school or at the weekend with a parent or friend, other more specialised events may be further afield.

The direct links for application, if required, can be found below:

Event expires on 31/08/2022

Young Writers Competition/ Courses - Pentabus


Event expires on 31/03/2022

Medic Mentor Healthcare Careers Fair (*There is a fee to this event)


Event expires on 29/01/2022

AI in Engineering


Event expires on 30/01/2022

Careers in Hacking


Event expires on 05/02/2022

Coding for Game Design


Event expires on 06/02/2022

AI in Medicine


Event expires on 12/02/2022

Tech in Finance


Event expires on 19/02/2022

Robotics in Space


Event expires on 26/02/2022

AI for Scientists


Event expires on 05/03/2022

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies