Sixth Form Life

Describing an average day in the Sixth Form is almost impossible – every single girl has their own interests, friendships and habits that all make The Maynard such an exciting place to be. If you’re curious to know what our students get up to, here’s just one idea for how a day in the Sixth Form might go…

Starting the day in our idyllic corner of Exeter, you might first head to the dedicated Sixth Form common room to chat to friends, grab a free morning cuppa from the drinks machine, and have a rest on the comfy sofas as you get ready for today’s host of activities. If you’re interested in getting some top-tier careers advice, you could head to the latest Bizz Whizz session and hear from a selection of inspirational industry professionals from all walks of life, giving you a valuable insight into what they do. Failing that, perhaps it’s your turn to take a Senior School assembly on a subject close to your heart – another moment for you to shine!

Next, it’s time to head to lessons. Which of our range of A-levels draws your eye? You could take the academic route and focus on Mathematics, experiment in the Sciences or delve into fascinating literary texts in English. Or you could take another route and unleash your creativity in Art, throw yourself into fabulous performances in Drama or broaden your horizons in Modern Foreign Languages. Not forgetting, of course, we are also the only school in Exeter to offer the ever-popular Fashion & Textiles A-level – the perfect passport to design heaven! Whatever you choose, you’ll be using top quality facilities and be guided by excellent teachers who can help you realise your personal goals.

Of course, you might also have a free period to enjoy. It’s up to you how to spend the time: head to the Sixth Form library or computer facilities to think and study, or meet with friends for a break at the local coffee shop. One of the benefits of Sixth Form life is the chance to be independent, coming into your own and learning how to be confident in your abilities whatever the task.

Now it’s time for lunch! The bistro always has some mouthwatering options to choose from, or you could head into the city to grab some food and explore the shops. If the weather is nice, the Sixth Form garden is a great place to stick on some tunes and relax. After eating, there’s always something fun to get involved with: you could plan and run a fundraising event, help out in lunchtime clubs for younger girls or squeeze in a workout in the fully equipped Health and Fitness Suite.

To finish off the school day, you might have a change of pace with interesting lessons in life skills like eating well on a budget, car maintenance and more, so that you feel ready to embark on your next step when the time comes. It might also be time to work on your Extended Project Qualification. Maybe something in your syllabus has caught your eye, or maybe there’s another topic that has fascinated you beyond your core lessons. You’ll take the reins and work on an in-depth research project of your choosing, managing your own learning and reflecting on your progress to produce excellent coursework and stand out from the crowd when applying for further education or for your future career.

What a day! As another happy Maynard school day ends, you’re tired in the best way, proud of your achievements and having made more wonderful memories that will last long beyond your time in the Sixth Form.

The Maynard is the full package; fun, academic success, and guaranteed friends and support for life.