Food & Nutrition

Food is a basic requirement of life and should be enjoyed and celebrated. Here in the Food and Nutrition Department we aim to help our students do just that!

From Year 5 right up to Sixth Form we encourage students to develop an enthusiasm for and understanding of Food and Nutrition skills, giving them the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of human nutrition, diet and health throughout life; to gain an awareness of global responsibilities as consumers; to enable them to discover the nutritional, physical, chemical and sensory properties of food; and to develop their manipulative, organisational and high-order practical skills for planning and preparing meals and making food choices.

We achieve this using a wide variety of teaching methods within the department, from demonstrations and taste testing to trips and expert input, and making and taking delicious food products home to share. Students develop confidence and competence from handling and producing food products in the purpose built Food and Nutrition teaching room.


Food and Nutrition is an exciting GCSE course from AQA with a very strong practical element on a weekly basis, enabling students to investigate a wide variety of nutritional and health issues. During the course we build upon the work we have completed in previous years and investigate the relationship between nutrition, food choice, diet and health. We aim to equip students with a range of life skills including organisation, management, practical skills, problem solving and decision making, all in the context of a relaxed and fun environment.