Religious Studies

Religious Studies encourages learners to explore the world of religious belief and practice, to engage in moral and philosophical thinking and to develop an inquiring and critical approach to religious and ethical questions.

The subject plays a key role in providing opportunities for spiritual, moral and cultural development, as it encourages girls to explore their own beliefs, values and identity and to grow in their awareness and appreciation of other worldviews and cultures.

We strive to ensure that Religious Studies lessons for all ages are intellectually challenging and enjoyable. We promote interactive and experiential learning, with plenty of opportunities for discussion and debate. Through Religious Studies, girls develop the knowledge and skills they need to think rigorously, to present informed arguments and to grow in their own understanding of the world and their place in it.


The GCSE RS course follows the AQA (A) specification. Students study the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Islam as well as four thematic studies.The course allows them to develop their knowledge and understanding of the two largest world religions and to explore and evaluate perspectives on some of the major ethical and philosophical issues facing the modern world.