ISI Inspection


  • All compliance standards: “MET.”
  • The quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements: “EXCELLENT.”
  • The quality of the pupils’ personal development: “EXCELLENT.”

We are proud to have matched the success of our previous Inspection Reports and, in so doing, continuing The Maynard’s rich history of undisputed excellence in all areas!

“Pupils are confident, proud of their school, and of what they can achieve.”

“Pupils express clearly that this is a happy school…”

“They are compassionate, caring and mindful of each other. They are warm, friendly and willing to talk about their school and their love of learning in this nurturing environment, where they feel safe and happy …”

“Kindness is pervasive throughout the school …”

“Pupils excel in a wide range of creative, sporting and academic co-curricular activities.

Pupils’ musical, artistic and sporting achievements are at high levels

and complement well the academic side of life at the school.”

“Pupils’ social development is outstanding.”

“Data shows that, from their starting points, almost all pupils achieve considerably higher examination grades than expected.”

“Pupils value and manifest a strong culture of self-confidence and self-esteem such that there is no sense of limitation to their aspirations. They link this very strongly to the non-judgemental encouragement promoted by the senior leaders, a view supported by inspection evidence.”

“Pupils feel empowered to try things out. They are not only well prepared with the necessary resources to step into the next phase of their career, as envisaged by the school’s aims. They also develop successfully the social and emotional tools needed to flourish.”

“Pupils develop a strong sense of community, mirroring that modelled by leadership and staff.”

“Pupils contribute positively to the lives of others in a range of practical ways… In all parts of the school, pupils relish leadership roles, viewing them as opportunities to help others and gaining satisfaction in doing so.”

“Pupils enjoy a balanced lifestyle at school … In this they are assisted by the routine of the day which successfully combines efficiency with low levels of stress.”