We value the importance of classical subjects at The Maynard, and adopt a lively and colourful approach to our teaching without sacrificing any of the rigour. We offer students the opportunity to gain an understanding and appreciation of western culture from their study of the ancient world, and to witness the legacy of their classical heritage.

All Senior School students have the option of studying Latin from Upper 3 (Year 7) to Upper 4 (Year 9), covering the basic and intermediate elements of the language. The study of Latin is an important foundation for the understanding of grammatical structure, and an invaluable support for the learning of both Modern Foreign Languages and English. Latin also develops logical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills.

Classical Civilisation is also offered at Upper 4 (Year 9) and girls can study Classical Greek as an activity if they would like to do so. The culture and history of the classical world is studied with reference to the role of ancient women, the lives of the Roman Emperors and the homes of the Ancient Greeks. These studies offer an introduction into the Classical Civilisation course at GCSE.


Both Latin and Classical Greek are offered at GCSE standard, with both subjects having a strong interest from students, many of whom continue their studies to A-level. With so very much to offer, exploration of the classical world through these courses provides opportunities for students to develop intellectual rigour along with an understanding and appreciation of other times and cultures.