About Pre-Prep

The Maynard Pre-Prep Primary School is our Early Years and Key Stage One Department for girls aged 4 – 7 years old (Reception – Year 2).

“In my opinion we offer the most comprehensive Pre-Prep education in the area, hands down. That is why both my girls come here. This is why I left an excellent school in Gloucestershire to come here. The Maynard is where it is at!”

Emma Cook, Head of the Pre-Prep Department.

At these very early days of school life we believe that instilling a love of learning is every bit as important as the subjects we teach! We aim to set up a ‘home from home’ where your daughter can flourish. Every family and every child is a unique package, and with our small class sizes, exceptional resources and experienced teachers, we are confident that we provide the best offer available.

As an all-girls school our pupils can play in a carefree manner without being pushed to the corners of the playground by a game of football or cricket. Girls learn differently and in the classroom they are free to express themselves and be heard. Here at The Maynard, we pride ourselves on the fact that girls can take the lead and be as strong and independent in their play as they are in their learning.

Being confident and happy is essential to our girls’ ability to learn and our vision for the Pre-Prep is driven by our desire to share in the unique learning journey of each individual who comes into our classrooms.