History at The Maynard is engaging, motivating and rigorous. History should have both relevance and resonance for students, firing their curiosity for the past in order to inform the present and future.

History teaches us about the diversity of human experience, about people and how they interact, and the motives and emotions that tear them apart or draw them together. The skills of historical enquiry equip our students with some of the skills most prized in later life – the abilities to research, to analyse evidence, to identify truth and to recognise myth, propaganda or downright lies.

At Key Stage 3 (years 7– 9) the History course explores British History from 1066 to 1945. Students will undertake a series of enquiries into some of the key moments in our history. In addition, they will also have the opportunity to investigate a number of important topics in European and World History, gaining an appreciation of how the world has developed and the debates that have arisen from, for example, the Crusades, the slave trade and the development of total war. History is taught using a wide variety of approaches. As part of this we make extensive use of ICT, debate and role-play as means of engaging with a broad spectrum of historical evidence and ideas.


Our popular GCSE History course is framed around Edexcel’s Modern World GCSE course. This is a modular course that focuses on International Relations 1943-91, The USA 1919-41 and British social history 1931-51, and students will produce a controlled assessment analysing interpretations of the Vietnam War. During their GCSE course, girls will develop many of the key skills nurtured at Key Stage 3. Discussion, analysis and formulating informed historical judgements are vital elements in this.