Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) provides an opportunity to extend your abilities beyond the A-level syllabus, stand out and prepare for university or your future career.

  • 100% coursework
  • An essay of approximately 5,000 words; or an artefact, model or construction, a CD/video/DVD of performances or activities, an audiotape/multimedia presentation or a journal of activities or events as well as an essay of at least 1,000 words
  • Includes a Production Log to document planning and progress, plus a 15-minute presentation with a Q&A
  • 30 hours of guided learning and an extra 90 hours of independent study
  • Carries up to 70 UCAS points for an A*

An EPQ is a research-based project undertaken on any topic you like: it can be further extension of something you’re already studying, a subject area you want to study at university but isn’t part of your curriculum (e.g. Medicine, Law, Fashion) or simply something you’re interested in. As a result, an EPQ is a unique and exciting opportunity for you to manage your own learning.

You’ll be assisted by a supervisor who will guide you at every level, although they’re not allowed to contribute directly to its content. You can either opt for the EPQ on your options form as your fourth AS, for study from the beginning of Lower 6th (Year 12), or you can study it through the Extension Studies Programme in addition to your four AS subjects.

Because an EPQ requires you to identify and design your project, adopt a strategic approach to its management and work independently, it’s warmly welcomed by universities.

View the slideshow below for examples of previous EPQ topics, and click on the images for more detail.

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