The Pre-Prep School Day

The Pre-Prep school day will run from 8.40am to 3.30pm, and we also offer specialist before school care from 8am and after school care until 5.30pm for those that require it (at no additional cost). The Pre-Prep school day is detailed below:

0800 – 0830Larks Club
Drop off your daughter at the gate to Pre-Prep
0830 – 0840Girls settle into classrooms
Organise reading books
0840 – 0850Registration
The formal register is taken
0850 – 0910Assembly
(not every day)
0910 – 1010Lessons
1010 – 1040Morning Break
Healthy snacks and a drink of milk will be provided
1040 – 1200Lessons
1200 – 1230Lunch
Junior School Hall
1230 – 1330Lunch break
1330 – 1530Lessons
Flexible 15-20 minute break in afternoon
1530 – 1540Collection of Pre-Prep children or staff will take children to after school clubs
1540 – 1730Owls Club