History continues to be a popular A-level choice at The Maynard. History appeals to those with a love of learning about the eras, individuals and issues that have shaped our modern world and our own identities within it. It is not only engaging and enjoyable but it is also recognised by the Russell Group as one of their key ‘facilitating’ subjects for accessing the top universities.

History A-level will equip you with skills that are highly rated by universities and employers alike – above all, the skills of analysis, argument, self-discipline, empathy and intellectual independence. The course will also feature the important key skills of communication and information technology.

Our A-level History course follows Edexcel’s GCE History. The girls will have the opportunity to investigate and analyse the real nature of Civil Rights in the USA and Life in Stalin’s Russia and Germany from 1900 to 1945. In addition, they will be guided as they undertake a university-style assignment into any aspect of their choosing within international relations around the world between 1879 and 1980.

History is a remarkably versatile and practical subject. It is many things but, above all, it’s a detective story and a hugely enjoyable one at that!