Modern Foreign Languages

French and Spanish are offered at A-level under the AQA Specification. The study of a Modern Foreign Language enables students to learn to communicate confidently and imaginatively in the chosen language.

As well as developing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, students will acquire a deeper understanding of the culture of the countries and the people whose language they are studying. They will also develop skills in independently researching a chosen topic and presenting their ideas and opinions in the spoken and written language.

Lessons are conducted in the target language and an important part of lesson time is the general conversation, aimed at encouraging spoken fluency. Students will be encouraged to use the internet to watch television broadcasts and to read newspapers and magazines in the foreign language. Visits abroad are arranged privately.

Maynard students often continue their language studies at university, combining them with other subjects such as Law, Economics, Management Studies, Journalism, Maths and a Science, or they go to France and Spain for a one-year course (Sorbonne) before continuing their higher education studies.

We also have some legacy German with the last cohort studying German being currently in Upper 4 (2022-2023 academic year).