Maynard Awards

What are the Maynard Awards?

The Maynard Award Programme is an initiative aimed at making an excellent education more accessible regardless of household income. If your daughter is academic, sporty, musical or creative, but your family is not in a position to cover the full fees, she may well be eligible for a Maynard Award.

Maynard Awards are available to girls interested in joining Upper 3 (Year 7), Upper 4 (Year 9) or Lower 6 (Year 12) each September. The Maynard Awards offer significant reductions on school fees for the duration of a student’s education here. For girls interested in joining the Sixth Form, we offer two free places into our Lower 6 (Year 12) each year.

Maynard Awards combine a scholarship awarded at the discretion of the Head – primarily for academic ability but enhanced due to sporting, musical or creative talent – with a means-tested bursary, based on total family income.

We are an inclusive school, where talent and ability – whether it be in music, drama, art, sport or academia – are nurtured for girls from all sectors of the community. We hope that the Maynard Awards will open up many doors and provide opportunities to those who had previously ruled out the school because of financial circumstances.

The Maynard Awards run in conjunction with the other scholarships on offer for entry at 11+, 13+ and the Sixth Form.

Who can apply?

Any student interested in joining The Maynard at Year 7, Year 9 or Lower 6 can apply for a Maynard Award.

You must be able to demonstrate excellent academic and/or extracurricular achievements which would enhance our vibrant community.

How to apply

To apply for a Maynard Award you will need to complete the online 11+ & 13+ Maynard Award Application Form or Sixth Form Maynard Award Application Form. This must be completed in conjunction with the Maynard School Registration Form (Reception to Upper 5) or Sixth Form Maynard Registration Form and a Bursary Application.

For entry into Year 7 or Year 9 your daughter will be invited to sit our Entrance Assessment. Her performance in this assessment will be part of the award criteria.

Maynard Award applicants will also be invited to attend a Scholarship and Awards Day:

11+ Scholarship & Awards Day – 23 January 2024

13+ Scholarship & Awards Day – 25 January 2024

Although we set dates every January, Entrance Assessments can be arranged all year round and scholarships and Maynard Awards can be offered throughout the year at the Head’s discretion (which are dependent on availability as there are a set number offered each year).

For more information please contact our Admissions Team on 01392 355998 or [email protected] who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.