In the Sixth Form, we offer Latin, Classical Greek, and Classical Civilisation at A-Level, with a number of students going on to study these subjects at University.

Both Latin and Classical Greek A-Levels give students the chance to build on what they have learned at GCSE, developing their understanding and appreciation of original authors, in both verse and prose literature. They will be able to translate with increasing confidence, to appreciate literary technique and to develop their own skills of literary criticism through close reading and discussion of prose and verse texts. Students will also learn to collect relevant evidence and to present an argument based on that evidence.

Classical Civilisation is offered in addition to the language-based courses, giving students the opportunity to study a variety of topics from the Ancient Greek and Roman world. The material is all in English, meaning that students will be able to explore the topics in depth and relate various works of literature to their social and cultural contexts. The course also involves the appreciation of social values and an understanding of both the historical and archaeological background, as well as covering the aesthetic appreciation of works of art.