Physical Education

The PE A-level course follows the OCR specification and includes study in a number of disciplines, encouraging the development of different methods of enquiry with the focal point being the Performer and the Performance. The course is based on a strong interaction between the theory and practice of Physical Education. The focus of the specification is on participation and performance in physical activity as part of a balanced, active and healthy lifestyle.

The Physical Education Department at The Maynard School believes that PE should provide every student, through a broad range of physical experience, access to the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes necessary to promote life-long participation in physical activity.

Extra-Curricular Sports Activity

At The Maynard, sport and extra-curricular clubs are at the heart of school life.

The department aims to provide an extension of the skills experienced in Physical Education with a complementary variety of sport and aesthetic activity. Through this we aim to promote excellence, competition and enjoyment in active participation.

Extra-curricular activity includes:

  • Competitive teams: Inter House/ Inter School/ Inter District/ Inter County
  • School team practices
  • School clubs
  • Community links/club partnerships
  • Feeder schools activity days
  • Sports Days for Junior and Main School
  • Swimming Galas for Junior and Main School
  • Supporting healthy living as part of the Sixth Form Extension Studies Programme

Extra-curricular clubs and practices take place during lunchtime and after school. All teams and clubs are co-ordinated and organised by specialist Physical Education staff with assistance from sixth form students, other staff and coaches.