UCAS & Careers

Here at The Maynard, we firmly believe that it is our duty to provide an effective careers education to prepare our students for working life and a future beyond the school gates.

We want them to be able to make informed decisions about their future and from an early onset we set about helping our students to achieve the school’s aims of allowing imagination, aspirations and achievement to be realised.

Through the provision of a planned and progressive programme of careers from the Upper 3 (Year 7) right through to the Upper Sixth (Year 13), we aim to give our students the best chance of making the correct decisions for their future.

There are endless opportunities to discuss career options with visiting businessmen and women, by visiting various workplaces and through work experience itself. By the Sixth Form, when identifying potential subjects to study at university becomes a priority, a dedicated Sixth Form Tutor Team is there to support the process by arranging visiting speakers, conducting mock interviews and helping with the whole application process.

We understand that planning a life beyond school can be a daunting process and we will guide each student through every step of the way!

Work Experience 2019

June 24th - June 29th


The Ultimate Careers Club! Come to this super inspiring lunchtime club where you will meet an array of wonderfully entertaining, successful businessmen and women talking about their job and why it makes them tick! Each week will focus on one career and this is your opportunity to find out about the nitty gritty of that profession, what it entails, why they love it and how you can gain the necessary qualifications to follow in their footsteps. A whizzy 30-minute session with business professionals held every Friday from 12.35pm – 1.10pm. Come along to the ones that interest you most and prepare to be inspired with an honest and frank insight into each career. Open to all! Where: Rosemary Langley Room When: Fridays @ 12.35pm – 1.10pm

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Medical Work Observation Week

1 – 5 July 2018

  1. We have been offered 3 places (Plus 2 reserve –both our reserves got in last year!)
  2. Deadline to Mrs Lewis for forms is Friday December 6 2018.
    I will then complete the Teacher/ Careers Officer reference for you and send the 3 chosen student’s forms & 2 reserve application forms directly to the hospital.
    If there are more than 3 applications we will allocate the places according to quality of the application, suitability for the course and whether it was handed in by the deadline date.
  3. If you are only aged 15 during the work experience week you will be limited to the patient areas you can visit, due to Trust policy.
  4. You must complete the hospital application form, Health declaration and school application question. Mrs Lewis will complete the Teacher/ Careers Officer reference sheet.
    The standards sheet is for your information and must be adhered to if you are offered a place.
  5. You must not apply directly to the hospital all forms must be sent off by Mrs Lewis.
  6. Successful applicants will be contacted directly by the NHS by the end of February 2019.