UCAS & Careers

Here at The Maynard, we firmly believe that it is our duty to provide an effective careers education to prepare our students for working life and a future beyond the school gates.

Through the provision of a planned and progressive programme of careers from the Upper 3 (Year 7) right through to the Upper Sixth (Year 13), we aim to give our students the best chance of making aspirational decisions for their future.

The careers programme includes opportunities to listen to visiting Careers speakers, apprentices, work experience and advice on decision making. By the Sixth Form, when identifying potential subjects to study at university becomes a priority, a dedicated Tutor Team is there to support the process by arranging visiting speakers, conducting mock interviews and helping with the whole application process. We understand that planning a life beyond school can be a daunting process and we will guide each student through every step of the way!

Work Experience 2020

22 June-26 June 2020
29 June-3 July 2020

The Ultimate Careers Club! Come to this super inspiring lunchtime club where you will meet an array of wonderfully entertaining, successful businessmen and women talking about their job and why it makes them tick!

Come along to the ones that interest you most and prepare to be inspired with an honest and frank insight into each career. Open to all Lower 5-Upper 6. Where: Rosemary Langley Room, S2 & S3 When: Last Friday of the Month @ 1.15pm – 1.55pm

Atkins Global L5 & L6 Engineering Work experience week 2020

All the information you need to apply for this exciting opportunity can be found at: https://careers.atkinsglobal.com/work-experience

Atkins Bristol run two weeks (Mon-Fri) for Y10 students and two weeks (Mon-Fri) for Y12 students. Please see below for the dates of our 2020 work experience in Bristol.

Year 10 dates
Week 1: 29th June – 3rd July 2020
Week 2: 13th July – 17th July 2020

Year 12 dates
Week 1: 20th July – 24th July 2020
Week 2: 27th July – 31st July 2020

Students should complete the application form and return it to workexperience@atkinsglobal.com  – do not include a CV as these will not be reviewed for this application, they only look at the application forms from students. These applications forms can be completed online and do not need to be printed out and completed by hand.

Since we only run particular weeks in Bristol, we ask that in the first box in section 4.2 of the application form that students only put down one or both weeks for their year group i.e. a Y10 student may write here “week beginning 29th June” or “week beginning 29th June or 13th July”. Please also can we ask that students write“Bristol” for the office location in the second box in section 4.2 otherwise we will not receive their application here in the Bristol office.

Closing dates for applications will be the 1st January 2020. Please ensure that all application forms are sent to  workexperience@atkinsglobal.com by that date.