Happiness and Wellbeing

“The focus on wellbeing and creating a happy and supportive environment emanates from the core of the school in terms of its values, approaches and explicitly in the quality of relationships between staff and children and within the whole school community including parents and governors.” The Wellbeing Award for Schools.

In June 2019, The Maynard became the first (and only) school in Devon to be awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools in recognition of the sheer breadth of provision and robustness of support that we offer to all of our staff and students.

The importance of wellbeing cannot be overstated – caring for the physical, mental and emotional health of our community is central to everything that we do. We understand that parents want a school where their daughter will reach their full potential academically, but also know that what is even more important to them is that they find a school where their daughters will flourish and develop into confident, happy young women ready to face the world.

Our comprehensive Wellbeing Programme is designed to provide our students with skills such as positive thinking, emotional resilience and self-efficacy, so that as well as making the most of the good times, they can also cope with life’s challenges, overcome learning barriers and manage social pressures. Covering topics such as mindfulness, exercise, healthy eating, teamwork, kindness and the importance of sleep, the social and emotional wellbeing of our students is at the heart of all that we do. 

Essentially, we are proud to be the educational front runners of wellbeing in Devon and understand entirely that the work we have been doing doesn’t stop with the award. We certainly won’t stand still; we want to continue to be progressive and proactive in how we create that sense of wellbeing for all.