About the Sixth Form

The Maynard Sixth Form is a vibrant, friendly community where everyone is encouraged and supported to achieve their very best, whatever they aim to do in the future.

The small class sizes Maynard offers are more important for A-levels than ever before, something that other schools/colleges overlook. More opportunity for one-to-one time with teachers unquestionably aids academic performance. The first term of Upper 6th is really intense as the UCAS pressure ramps up, however the support I have received has been amazing. No matter how many times I harass the teachers, they are always full of advice and insight.

If you’ll excuse me using the word ‘vibe’, one of my favourite things about the Sixth Form common room is the vibe. There’s constant laughter, tea and the stress of A-levels doesn’t seem to translate to ‘bitchiness’. I love the Tuesday afternoon activity sessions  – I’m someone who often finds it difficult to know when to stop working, so Tuesdays force me out into the fresh air which is really important.

Ultimately, I love The Maynard and I can’t imagine any other school offering me such an academically stimulating, yet fun and emotionally supportive, Sixth Form experience.

Chloe Lamb

One of the Maynard Sixth Form’s key strengths is the wide variety of opportunities on offer. We offer a full range of 23 A-level subjects, with a free choice of combinations in a warm, supportive atmosphere. As a member of the Sixth Form you will receive individual attention and support from your tutor and Head of Sixth Form.

The Maynard has an enviable track record of outstanding success in public examinations. Having a girls-only Sixth Form enables students to develop their leadership skills, celebrate learning without social distractions and have girls-centred learning strategies.

Research from the Girls’ School Association (GSA) shows that girls in single-sex schools obtain a considerably higher percentage of A grades than girls in other sectors in nearly every subject. They are also more likely to take A-level subjects which have traditionally been dominated by boys, such as Science and Maths.

The Sixth Form programme is designed to help students develop holistically, to thrive at A-level, at university and in the workplace. They also enjoy a unique Extension Studies Programme; whether choosing car maintenance, critical thinking, philosophy, politics or cookery, horizons are broadened.

With our popular Voluntary Work scheme, Young Enterprise programme, the Duke of Edinburgh award, the Ten Tors challenge and outstanding Sport, Music and Drama Departments, the greatest task will be deciding what not to do!