About the Sixth Form

The Maynard Sixth Form provides an unrivalled educational experience; quite apart from being a centre of academic excellence with a full range of 23 A-level subjects, it is a place of friendship and laughter, of adventure and countless happy memories to last a lifetime!

Small size, lots of heart

Thanks largely to its smaller size and wonderful staff, our Sixth Form is the ultimate experience whereby everyone is known and nurtured to suit their individual needs best. Unlike in much bigger establishments, the teachers are always on-hand to help in breaktimes, during lunch hours and even after school. We really do go to the very greatest lengths to help our students achieve their dreams, as reflected in our outstanding A-level results year-on-year!

Fabulous enrichment to suit everyone

That said, fantastic results are only a part of the experience, and here at The Maynard we are famed for our fun-loving nature. Sixth Form students are often the steer behind so many of our more entertaining ventures and leadership opportunities come in many guises, including running popular fundraising events, charity fashion shows or the all-famed Sixth Form entertainment. As many an alumna will testify, this is the ultimate Sixth Form experience and you’ll never repeat another two years like it, we promise!

More accessible than you think!

So, if you are an ambitious young women wanting to go out and make a difference to the world, then we are the place for you! We offer a range of Scholarships and Maynard Awards for gifted students, which can be accompanied by means-tested bursaries to offer significant fee reductions. Find out more here, or take a look at our dedicated page for the Maynard Award here.

Ultimately, I love The Maynard and I can’t imagine any other school offering me such an academically stimulating, yet fun and emotionally supportive Sixth Form experience.

Chloe, current student