The A-Level Mathematics courses are designed to enable students develop their mathematical knowledge and understanding in a way which increases their confidence in solving problems in the real world. Emphasis is placed upon the ability to reason logically, develop sound mathematical arguments and use Mathematics as an effective means of communication.

These invaluable skills can be transferred to a wide range of contexts and situations. At this level — as well as its practical side — students can expect to discover and appreciate the aesthetic and creative aspects of Mathematics.

The number of students who choose to study Mathematics or Further Mathematics at A-level is substantial and a clear indication of the Department’s success. We are proud of our students’ results but even more of the way they become confident and competent mathematicians in a caring environment which they find fully supportive of their needs.

At A-Level we follow the Edexcel GCE Mathematics Course.

Mathematics plays a vital role in many aspects of the modern world and in areas of our working life such as Business, Economics, Engineering, Management, Medicine and Computer Science. Advances in technology and the breaking down of traditional barriers between arts and sciences mean that mathematicians are in great demand.