Examination Information

Examinations are an important part of school life throughout a student’s time at the Maynard. This may take the form of external A-level or GCSE examinations or internal end of year assessments.

It is important that the strict rules for the conduct of all external examinations are followed by each student and that both parents and students have information about the policies and procedures that are in place surrounding these examinations. JCQ, the Body that governs exam policy and procedure, issues information and guidance each year for students, which should be read carefully. The Examinations Officer will discuss the rules and what happens if they are broken in a dedicated assembly, but all relevant information is contained here for your information.  Students will also receive a booklet outlining key exam information.

August 6 2020

Ofqual, JCQ and the Awarding Bodies continue to release information about how this summer’s centre grade assessment grades have been generated, standardised and how the appeals process will work for A-Level and GCSE . Included below are some links to the key information available to students and parents to help to demystify the changes to this summer’s exams.

1. Ofqual Guide to standardising summer grades 2020 factsheet

2. Infographic showing the process for awarding GCSE & A Level Exams 2020

3. Ofqual student guide to summer results 2020

4. OCR timeline for Autumn re-sit exams

OCR video on standardisation

Ofqual video on understanding the standardisation process

Exam Update 24 June 2020

Ofqual have  published a  letter (on June 18) to all parents & students providing the latest information on how centre assessed grades will work, how they will be standardised, how results will be issued, the appeals process and the Autumn session of exams. The link below will take you to this useful document.


Exams Update: 12 June 2020

The Department of Education’s website has the latest information on the exams 2020 and information can also be found on the Awarding Bodies’ websites below:






Deadline dates for Autumn Exam re-sit entries:

  • A-Level 4 September
  • GCSE (except English Language and Mathematics) – 18 September
  • GCSE (English Language and Mathematics) – 4 October

A level re-sits run from October 5-23 2020

GCSE re-sits run from November 2-23 2020