Examination Information

Examinations are an important part of school life throughout a student’s time at The Maynard. This may take the form of external A-level or GCSE examinations or internal end-of-year assessments.

The Government is clear in its policy decision that GCSE and A-Level exams will go ahead in England this summer. Ofqual, the Government agency that oversees examinations, has issued the following open letter to all students to confirm the arrangements for regulated qualifications being taken in Summer 2022.

Open Letter to Students

Podcast: Helping Students Prepare for Exams



Summer Exam Session 2022:

GCSE begin on 16/05/2022

A-Levels begin on 23/05/2022

*All students should be available throughout the exam period up to and including the contingency day, Wednesday June 29 2022.

Results days Summer 2022: A-Level 18 August 2022 & GCSE 25 August 2022

Additional Student Support from OCR Exam Board: 

Advanced information for summer 2022 and how to use it in your exam preparation.