Examination Information

Examinations are an important part of school life throughout a student’s time at the Maynard. This may take the form of external A-level or GCSE examinations or internal end of year assessments.

It is important that the strict rules for the conduct of all external examinations are followed by each student and that both parents and students have information about the policies and procedures that are in place surrounding these examinations. JCQ, the Body that governs exam policy and procedure, issues information and guidance each year for students, which should be read carefully. The Examinations Officer will discuss the rules and what happens if they are broken in a dedicated assembly, but all relevant information is contained here for your information.  Students will also receive a booklet outlining key exam information.

Public examination timetables, internal examination timetables, key dates, revision study tips can also be found when applicable.


A-level exams start Monday 13 May- end Thursday 20 June 2019 GCSE exams start Monday 13 May- end Monday 17 June 2019

Internal exams: 3-7 June 2019

A-level exam results released to students on Thursday August 15 2019 GCSE exam results released to students on Thursday August 22 2019

*Exam contingency date set by the Exam Boards should there be a national disaster resulting in the movement of an exam: Wednesday 26 June