In the Mathematics Department, we are committed to enabling each girl to fulfil her potential whilst nurturing an appreciation of Maths and fostering an awareness of the vital role that the subject plays in many aspects of the modern world. Students (and parents) are frequently surprised by the discovery that Mathematics has a very rich history and provides important links to all sorts of situations.

Setting high standards in the learning experience of our students goes hand in hand with creating and maintaining a colourful learning environment, incorporating challenging activities within our teaching and using stimulating resources. Maths is far from boring at The Maynard!

Our students are encouraged to participate in a range of opportunities including

  • United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Challenges
  • Devon Team Mathematical Challenges
  • Royal Institution Masterclasses at Exeter University
  • One-day conference ‘Mathematics is your future!’
  • One-day conference ‘Let Maths take you further!’

Through these, our students can be extended mathematically, encouraged to think ahead about their choices and careers and also be helped to develop an appreciation of Mathematics that is not necessarily related to curriculum and exams.

From Upper 3 to Upper 4 (Year 7 – Year 9) we use the resources provided by the Mathematics Enhancement Programme. Further information on the Mathematics Enhancement Programme can be found Here


GCSE Mathematics aims to develop an understanding and knowledge of mathematical principles and to encourage the use of Mathematics in other subjects and in everyday life. Topics covered include all aspects of numerical calculation, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, data handling and applications of Mathematics.

We follow the Edexcel GCSE Mathematics Course A (1MA1) – Higher Tier. The relevant specification can be found Here