Drama and Theatre Studies

Drama and Theatre Studies is an exciting A-Level subject which challenges students across the board. It enables girls to work creatively as performers, directors and designers, while encouraging them to manage projects, work as a team, solve problems, argue coherently and use initiative and imagination.

The A-Level course offers a wonderful opportunity to build on the performance skills gained at GCSE, and increase their knowledge of Theatre and Performing Arts related subjects.

Students will explore Drama from the standpoint of both director and performer, focusing on specific playwrights and their influence on society at the time of writing. They will also have the chance to implement the work of influential theatre practitioners both in rehearsal and performance, giving scope for all kinds of creative interests such as directing, set, costume and prop design and mask or puppet making.

All girls are encouraged to take part in our many school productions both on stage and in technical roles including sound and lighting management, costume & set design, directing and producing. The yearly whole school production is open to students from Upper 4 (Year 9) to Upper 6 and is not only a fabulous event which showcases the talent and ability of our students but also is a chance for girls across the year groups to work together collaboratively. Recent productions include the musicals ‘Evita’ and ‘Jesus Chris Superstar’, both of which were performed at The Barnfield Theatre in Exeter.