With university fees escalating higher level apprenticeships might be an interesting alternative route to consider. This learn-while-you-earn approach, allows you to start working, earn a wage and learn the key skills and qualifications needed in a chosen career. Higher apprenticeships can take from one to five years to complete and involve part-time study at a college or university. On the positive side they allow you to gain the skills and knowledge for your chosen industry, they offer hands-on training giving confidence in the workplace, you earn while you learn avoiding loans and debt and you end up with a degree at the end of your training. On the negative side your starting salary for apprenticeships might be lower than a university graduate, the depth of study might not be as great and certain careers in Medicine and Science might not be available.

There are over 400 different types of apprenticeships, each offering a varied learning experience. Competition for places can be tough and so it is important to keep looking on the government website for interesting placements. Any direct links we receive in school are included below: