Why Choose an All-Girls’ School?

We are regularly asked what the benefits of a single-sex education are and the obvious answer is the long standing and proven statistics of girls obtaining higher grades away from other social pressures. At The Maynard, we understand that girls learn differently and we empower our students by teaching them the way they naturally learn.

But there really is far more to it than just academic achievements. Maynard girls all possess a ‘can do’ attitude and show remarkable confidence to embrace every new challenge thrown at them.

The differentiating factor that separates us from other schools is that our students feel free from any stereotyping and can happily allow their intellectual and social confidence to flourish. As the saying goes: “When girls go to single-sex schools, they stop being the audience and become the players”

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“I was convinced that co-ed schooling was the right choice for both my son and daughter but since Daisy has been at the Maynard I am a convert! Being a teenage in a single sex environment has allowed her to be totally at ease. She never once thinks she “can’t be seen” to be getting stuck into everything that is sent her way. My only sadness is there wasn’t a Maynard for boys near us!”
Emma Birkin, parent