Fashion & Textiles

A-level students will study the work of influential fashion designers including Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, as well as explore major historical design styles and movements such as Art Nouveau, Minimalism, Pop Art and Punk.

In addition, socio-economic influences will be studied: street culture, music and media, world events, the rise of youth culture and anti-authoritarian attitude, music, film, royalty and celebrities as well as the role of women in society, design theory and other associated topics.

Students will develop skills in a range of communication and presentation techniques for conveying design proposals; this could include the use of mixed media, drawing, fashion photography and video.

A significant part of the course is learning how to create and make your own designs and how to use a variety of appropriate new textiles and design technologies. Alongside the creative elements of the course you will study the commercial side of fashion, including branding and marketing.

Visits and trips will play an important part of your learning; anticipate visiting important fashion destinations during the course!

It is widely recognised that the UK’s thriving fashion industry makes a huge contribution to the economy; it employs hundreds of thousands of people and is one of our most sought-after exports. There are a vast number of employment opportunities worldwide for young people with a solid understanding of the creative, commercial and technical aspects of this vibrant industry.

Fashion and Textiles A-Level is fully recognised by University Admissions Officers. Degree courses include: Fashion Design, Tailoring, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Buying and Merchandising, International Fashion Promotion, Business Management and Marketing amongst many others.