Remote Academic

The Maynard teachers have a wealth of experience and expertise in delivering highly effective and innovative online lessons. While at home, our pupils are able to follow their normal timetables taught by their usual teachers. Each lesson is interactive with instantaneous feedback via live streaming or live chatrooms so the pupils always feel fully supported and engaged. As a result, our pupils have continued to make excellent progress in all areas of the curriculum. We are very proud of everyone as all subjects and all year groups have sustained the same momentum and progress as they would have done if they remained on the school site. 

In turn, with the cancellation of their GCSEs, our Upper 5 (Year 11) cohort have embarked upon a rigorous Foundation A-level programme during the Summer Term with bespoke courses to help meet the following aims:

  • To maintain essential skills already developed 
  • To nurture new skills for the A-level courses
  • To develop a more profound engagement with their subject
  • To explore material relevant to the course – all content essential to A-level study will be formally retaught come September 

Many of the September joiners have been able to attend these classes and it has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other ahead of meeting in person!

The Upper 5s have also been studying for their Extended Project Qualification which, in normal circumstances, we would only offer as an option for girls during the Lower Sixth. However the unique circumstances this year call for different measures and we rolled out this qualification earlier than usual to our Upper 5 cohort, providing them with the opportunity to complete the equivalent of an AS Level before even entering the Sixth Form!

In addition to a robust academic provision, our students also enjoy a wealth of other remote learning opportunities such as health and fitness programmes, MOOCs, weekly skills challenges, music lessons, PSHE sessions, assemblies and virtual House Events. Our school is an incredibly strong community and even though we can’t be physically together during this lockdown period, we remain fully connected to the ‘Maynard family’.  

“Teams has been amazing and I have just had a Year 7 (Upper 3) lesson, where we went through the PowerPoint together, completed exercises and asked individual questions. It was exactly the same lesson as we would have done in class and I had to make up a quick extra exercise because we finished all the work 10 minutes early. It’s not the same, but being able to chat online definitely helps with the isolation.

Mr Friendship