Academic Summer Schools and Short Courses 2021

The Debate Chamber Summer Schools offer students age 15-18 the opportunity to find out more about some fascinating subjects, prepare for university applications, connect with like-minded peers, and get to grips with some tough intellectual challenges.

The material will be challenging (for the older age-group, about the level of difficulty one might expect in the first year at university), but the atmosphere will be relaxed, with plenty of discussion, debate, and opportunities for students to shape the direction of classes.

Our fantastic tutors (typically Masters or PhD students) are selected for their exceptional communication skills, charismatic and inspiring presence and very strong subject knowledge.

Working in groups of 6 – 12 students over several days offers participants a real chance to get to know tutors and fellow students and to explore the topics or questions that particularly interest them.

Highlights from our Summer 2021 programme (or see a full calendar of events by date here): 

Law Summer School

The Law Summer School offers an exciting and challenging introduction to the legal profession, and is aimed primarily at students who wish to take their first steps towards a legal career or law degree. This course includes mini lectures on key areas of the law, seminars on some tricky and controversial legal questions, as well as lively debates and advocacy workshops. Students can select from Criminal, Civil or International and Human Rights Law.

‘The Law Summer School was an amazing experience. I loved learning about the different types of Law, and looking at cases where I really had to think to work out what the outcome would be. It was a good balance between challenging me, and ensuring I was able to grasp the concepts. It’s helped me to make my mind up that I want to do Law at University! Thank you Debate Chamber!’ 

Medicine Summer School

The Medicine Summer School offers a range of two-day programmes, each covering different areas of medical practice. These courses are taught by penultimate and final year medical students, and each one offers an outstanding insight into both the academic content and the broader experience of attending medical school. 

‘This course was the best thing I could have done to reassure me that medicine was in fact the right career for me, and it was also was incredibly informative about the highs and lows that medicine as a whole entailed. The tutor was so lovely and so encouraging too; even though it was online, she made it easy for me to contribute without feeling any apprehension and the way she delivered the information was always so positive and clearly understandable.’ 

Mathematics Summer School

The Mathematics Summer School provides an opportunity for students who love maths to indulge their passion for problem-solving whilst exploring a range of advanced topics in pure and applied mathematics. This Summer School will be particularly useful for students who are considering further study of mathematics at undergraduate level, or who are interested in related disciplines such as physics, computing or engineering.

‘It was a fantastic opportunity to discover new areas of maths that I would otherwise have not been introduced to through the A Level syllabus. I enjoyed the course and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in approaching more challenging maths problems.’

In addition to these highlighted courses, we also offer courses in English Literature, Philosophy, History, Classical Civilisations, Economics, International Relations, Politics, Physics, Computer Science, and Dentistry.

You can see a full calendar of events by subject here.

How can my students attend?

While the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing, and as long as there remains a risk of disruption, all courses will be held online, rather than in-person.

These will be live online events with small group seminar classes (6-12 students depending on the topic) with exceptional tutors and plenty of individual support for each student.

You can find full details of schedules, dates, costs, student reviews and tutors at

If you have any questions, or if there is anything else which I can do to help, then please feel free to contact me on [email protected] or on 0800 810 1058. 

Best wishes,

Jess Harvey-Smith

Debate Chamber