“As good as the West End” Showcase

Posted on May 13, 2019


We enjoyed quite the most spectacular Gym and Dance Showcase on Wednesday 8 May 2019, when all the Pre-Prep and Junior School girls came together in an explosion of fun, colour and smiles. They have been working on their performances since February; in Dance classes with Mrs Fabian, Ballet lessons with Mrs Barlow and Gymnastics training at Exeter Gymnastics Club – and the show brought them all together to share their hard work, enthusiasm and excitement with a packed audience in the Performing Arts Centre.

From the Pre-Prep dressed as bunnies wearing bow ties, to the Super 6’s in their elaborate masks and costumes inspired by the Greatest Showman, the girls all performed with beaming smiles and oodles of confidence.

To use the words of someone in the audience: “The show was utterly enthralling, bedazzling and thrilling! What a festival of smiles, fun, glorious costumes and body bouncing tunes (hard to stay still in the chairs!), scintillating choreography and performances. A true feast of an afternoon’s entertainment.”

And as another audience member simply noted, “It’s just a different league at this school!”