Autumn Concert nearly blows the roof off!

Posted on November 21, 2016


It is a miracle that the roof on the Gym is still in place after the rousing Autumn Concert on Thursday 17 November 2016! With 97 girls involved, there was a packed auditorium and everyone was treated to a truly memorable evening of music. Altogether, twelve of the School’s ensembles performed featuring orchestras, choirs, bands and chamber music.

The depth of talent on display was extremely impressive and the music was incredibly diverse, ranging from a traditional Chinese folksong and ‘Born to be Wild’ to a Mozart concerto and the film music from ‘How to Train Your Dragon’.

There were so many outstanding performances and it was lovely to see the girls all enjoying their music and working together as a team. In the words of one of the Sixth Formers, “We smashed it!”.