Ben Bradshaw MP enlightens the Sixth Form

Posted on February 28, 2017


We welcomed back Ben Bradshaw MP on Friday 24 February for a full and honest discussion about current political affairs with the Sixth Form. From Brexit and the Trump election right though to processed meat (and many other things in-between), this was a very revealing session showing deep insight into what faces a politician in today’s world. All of the students were captivated by the vast range of topics covered and the ensuing Q&A session showed enormous maturity that clearly impressed the Exeter MP:

“It’s very nice to be back at The Maynard as I haven’t visited for a while! It’s always inspirational to spend time with the students who are incredibly bright and the calibre of questions was, as ever, as I would have expected from the school! We covered a really good cross section of subjects and political interests – I just hope the girls thought that they got honest, frank and informative answers in response.”