Bright futures beckon for our Class of 2021

Posted on August 12, 2021

  • The Maynard maintains 100% pass rate for the sixth consecutive year
  • “Although steadfast in their ambitions, the girls have shown remarkable flexibility since the start of the pandemic to pave the way for justifiably bright futures.” Sarah Dunn, Headmistress
  • 50:50 split between the Arts and STEM subjects being studied at degree level
  • Record number of students choosing ‘caring careers’ such as medicine, veterinary, nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy

Our huge congratulations to the entire Class of 2021 who have flown The Maynard flag so high with some excellent A-level results again this year. One such was Margaret who has added a raft of four A*s (Biology, Chemistry, Maths & Further Maths) to an excellent A* in her Extended Project Qualification.

“I just can’t believe it! I’m feeling very excited,” she said when she scrolled down her results. “I’m definitely now going to Cambridge to study Natural Sciences and then I want to go into Research, but I will see where it takes me. It was very different studying and completing assessments during lockdown, but I definitely had a lot of help from my teachers who have been amazing.”

Margaret will be joined at Cambridge by Sophie who achieved straight A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths (in addition to an A* for her Extended Project Qualification). Sophie, a talented horse rider, will be fulfilling her childhood dream to study Veterinary Science. “I’m very pleased and excited. I’ve had fantastic support from everyone both in and out of school and all the hard work has paid off, thankfully!”

Raily has also secured her place to read English at Cambridge with an impressive A*, A, A in English Literature, Maths and Physics respectively. Another joiner in our Sixth Form, she credits the Maynard community for her success: “My best experience at The Maynard has been making new friends; coming out of GCSEs when everything was a bit weird, and finding a community of people who really cared, genuinely.”

This is the sixth consecutive year that The Maynard A-level students have achieved a 100% pass rate and we witness yet another almost perfect 50/50 split between Arts and STEM subjects being studied at degree level – from English, History, Law and International Relations to Mathematics, Economics, Medicine, Chemistry and Engineering.

Shweta achieved an impressive A*, A*, A* and A (Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry) on top of an A* for her Extended Project Qualification which consolidates her place to study Computer Science with AI and Machine Learning at Imperial College London. Earlier in the year, Shweta achieved a Maynard record by becoming the first to have a paper accepted for publication in a scientific journal. “Autonomous cars: A review of the ethical, social and economic implications of the AI revolution” was published in the International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems and subsequently received a Gold CREST award.

Interestingly, we have also seen a surge in interest for ‘caring’ professions such as medicine, nursing, midwifery and physiotherapy. Emily (A*, A, A and an A at EPQ), who joined us for the Sixth Form is a prime example. “I’m going to the University of Exeter to study Human Geography, and I want to go on to be anything in government, or a teacher. The support from everyone has been amazing, so I am ecstatic.”

Our list of budding medics includes Alex whose three A*s and an A at EPQ has opened the door to her reading Medicine at Bristol and Miri who will take her place at Southampton University to also study Medicine, amongst many others.

Headmistress, Sarah Dunn, delighted in the Results Day celebrations and was overjoyed by the success of all our students. “My huge congratulations to the entire Class of 2021. They have been an utter joy to work with throughout their two years in our Sixth Form and these brilliant results are testimony to their enormous talents. Although steadfast in their ambitions, they have shown remarkable flexibility since the start of the pandemic and I applaud their grit and determination to leave our gates with these wonderful grades, paving the way for justifiably bright futures. I wish them absolutely every success.

“I would also like to extend a huge thank you to all of their teachers who have been by their sides every step of the way during their Sixth Form journey, working tirelessly to ensure that the process was scrupulously fair, and that all students achieved the grades they deserved. They, too, have been truly wonderful.”