Everocean, the Young Enterprise success story

Posted on April 30, 2019


Everocean, our brilliant Young Enterprise team, continues to ride the crest of a wave to secure an excellent second place and the overall YE prize for teamwork at the Devon County Finals on Wednesday 24 April 2019. 

“The journey was long and arduous, but infinitely fulfilling and educational as well. Such great experiences have only been possible with the hard work of each of our team members, and the support of teachers, advisors and mentors. Rest assured, we will continue to strive for our dream of Exeter as a city free of single-use plastic and the UK as a plastic-free nation.

Our product is a reusable, recyclable sugarcane bioplastic bottle that is sustainably sourced from Holland. For each bottle, one tree is planted by Trees for the Future, leaving you with a product that has a negative carbon footprint!”

This is a remarkable and richly deserved result for the team that has been tested to the limits since its inception with stock delivery issues and all manner of things that could so easily have destroyed any other start-up business. Not so The Maynard girls who took on the various challenges with all the usual ‘can do’ attitude to pull off such a superb outcome!