Friendship Benches

Posted on February 9, 2024


In January, members of our School Council brought to the meeting that they – and other members of their class – would like more benches to sit on in the playground in Junior School. The Council then came up with the amazing idea that these benches could become Friendship Benches as a fab DIY representation of our School Values!

To put their plans into action, they worked in mixed age groups to design a Friendship Bench and write a pitch to Mrs Gregory and Mrs Fabian. This week, girls had the chance to present their final designs, and safe to say they suitably blew their teachers’ socks off!

Mrs Gregory was wowed and has given the green light, so after half-term, the girls will be writing a letter to the Maynard Parents’ Association (MPA) to ask for funding to buy four benches and the paint, with plans to decorate them with colourful designs showing Kindness, Courage, Integrity and Community. So, watch this space!