Geographers enjoy a stunning Iceland trip

Posted on November 23, 2018


The A-level and GCSE Geography girls enjoyed an amazing trip to Iceland over the October half term, taking in many of the most popular sites this incredible country has to offer. Highlights included the Glazier Walk where everyone was kitted out with ice axes, crampons and helmets before climbing up one of the glaciers, Solheimjokull.

“It was all amazing but Gulfoss, the two tiered waterfall in the Golden Circle is pretty spectacular and I think the girls also enjoyed basking in the Blue Lagoon!” said Miss Williamson, the Head of Geography. “Iceland is certainly a geographers dream and it deserves its reputation as the Land of Ice and Fire for a reason! This trip is vital to bringing alive the GCSE course covering tectonics (plenty of geothermal energy, continental rifting and volcanic activity) and rivers, looking at spectacular waterfalls and meandering rivers, whilst the A-Level girls were able to learn more about volcanism and glaciers as part of their course. Being in a dynamic and constantly changing landscape really brings Geography to life.”