Hallelujah to the cast and crew of Sister Act – a sublime production!

Posted on March 13, 2018


The curtain came down on the three night (and sell-out) run of Sister Act at the Barnfield Theatre from 7-6 March to rave reviews! A huge Hallelujah to all the wonderful young women of the cast and crew, who performed and worked at such a high level, and gave it their all in true Maynardian style. What a team!

“I just had to send you a note to congratulate you ALL for such a WONDERFUL performance last night. It was truly, truly spectacular. I can’t praise everyone enough. All of the girls worked so hard and acted and sang so fantastically, you could be forgiven for thinking you were at a West End theatre!”

“It was totally stunning, supremely cast and conducted. The girls acted beautifully, the singing was incredible and the choreography was so slick, right down to everyone streaming on to the stage for the final bow! Truly well done and apologies if my words don’t do it justice but really there are no words to glorify (carefully chosen word) it enough!!

“I know everyone has said the same thing, but the show was just so marvellous and I just wanted to tell you how much I loved it and that I know how hard you have worked to make it so dazzling.”

“I feel compelled to write a short note of thanks for another incredibly impressive school musical production. It once again went above and beyond expectations and into angelic, celestial realms! I cannot fathom how you manage to choreograph such a large number of girls, how they all have a chance to shine from the very youngest to the Sixth Form principal performers, how you imbue them all with such stage presence, awareness, confidence and dynamism.”