Impressive Trojan Horses from our Classicists

Posted on June 19, 2020


The Upper 4 (Year 9) Classicists have completed a fantastic project on Homer and have been inspired to create their own representations of the Trojan horse. Some of these representations look quite cheerful considering the havoc the Trojan horse was destined to bring! This quotation from Virgil describes the scene particularly well: 

“Smooth-gliding wheels
were ‘neath its feet; great ropes stretched round its neck,
till o’er our walls the fatal engine climbed,
pregnant with men-at-arms. On every side
fair youths and maidens made a festal song,
and hauled the ropes with merry heart and gay.
So on and up it rolled, a tower of doom,
and in proud menace through our Forum moved”
(Virgil, Aeneid 2.234 ff.)