Inspirational Prize Giving Ceremony

Posted on January 4, 2017


Our huge thanks to Zoe Flood, our Bafta-winning alumna, who returned to the School on Tuesday 13 December 2016 to give an afternoon talk to the Lower 5s before taking to the floor that evening as our Speaker at the annual Prize Giving ceremony at the Belmont Chapel. Zoe stole the show with an inspirational speech to our returning Class of 2016, the entire Sixth Form and all our other many guests on why it is so important to maintain curiosity and an enquiring mind in all that we do.

She used current examples such as the Brexit vote to illustrate why it is crucial to find an understanding of opposing views to our own in order to pave a more collaborative way forward in the world. Without doubt, her speech will have struck a chord with many of our students and our great thanks to Zoe for flying all the way from Nairobi to deliver such a passionate talk.