Inspired by the larger-than-life Olympic gymnast, Craig Heap

Posted on November 15, 2019


Students across the school enjoyed some incredible presentations and a gymnastic workshop with former GB Olympic gymnast, Craig Heap. The Junior School and Pre-Prep were treated to a very entertaining assembly about the trials and tribulations of being a top-level athlete. Likewise, the Sixth Formers were reminded that hard work is key to everything and having the resilience to move on from repeated disappointment or failure is essential (think James Dyson and the 5,000 prototypes until he found a buyer for his vacuum cleaner).

On top of this, he also hosted a gymnastics workshop with the Lower 4 girls and watching some of them grow in confidence as the session unfurled and his infectious enthusiasm permeated the room, was a sight to behold!

His is a unique talent in being able to impart a powerful message, tailored to the age of the audience, but injected with a great deal of humour and a huge dose of self-deprecation despite his success as a top-level competitor and now high performance coach and TV presenter.