It happens… Let’s talk about it

Posted on February 1, 2024


We’re very grateful to brilliant representatives from It Happens Education, who visited our girls from Upper 4 (Year 9) to Upper 6 (Year 13) for a series of open talks about important RSHE topics.

As part of the day, students had crucial conversations that will help them make informed choices, be critical thinkers and ask for support when needed. The agenda included in-depth and non-judgemental coverage of digital relationships, intimate relationships, choice and fertility, and more. Girls were engaged in learning about a wealth of interesting subjects: what do families of the next generation look like?; are you true to yourself online?; how can we deal with complex communication and consent?

We pride ourselves on exceptional wellbeing provision, so these informative talks were a great addition to the normal school day. Insightful stuff!