Jiu Jitsu grading – belts awarded!

Posted on December 17, 2018


Congratulations to our Martial Arts girls who completed their Jiu Jitsu grading this week. The Junior Girls (comprising Years 4 to 6) successfully finished the syllabus to be awarded their Red White Jiu Jitsu belts, a step up from their red belts that they had already gained previously. Equally, our Cadets (Lower 4 to Upper 4) have been working towards their red or red yellow belts under a different syllabus and they, too, were successful in gaining the different grades.

Both groups train weekly with their Jiu jitsu instructors from Exeter Martial Arts Club learning this traditional Japanese art. Jiu Jitsu relies upon technique rather than strength to defend against one or multiple opponents of any size, weight and gender, making it an effective form of modern day self-defence.

Well done to all the girls on a successful grading!