Junior School and Pre-Prep fascinated by Shelterbox assembly

Posted on January 30, 2019


According to research one of the five steps to improving mental wellbeing is to give. This is a sentiment that is close to The Maynard heart and, as such, we like to start them young! On Wednesday 23 January 2019 our girls in the Pre-Prep and Junior School enjoyed an extra special assembly led by Shelterbox volunteers, Chris and Annie Harper, who came to talk to them all about helping people who had lost their homes in a natural disaster.

They showed the girls the emergency boxes which they take to countries in need all over the world containing tents, blankets, lights, water filtration kits, pots and pans. They also explained the role of charities who rely on the goodwill of so many volunteers to bring help to those in need. As ever, the girls listened intently and showed a deep interest in Shelterbox’s modus operandi, not to mention the fun and excitement they had with trying out the kit!