Junior Remote Learning

The Junior School remote learning provision has been shaped to best meet the needs of our pupils as well as being pitched at what we believe to be an appropriate level for different age groups. The younger children are less able to maintain a live written messaging service or to maintain unsupported individual learning and do require more adult support, in the same way that they do at school. The older Junior groups are better able to be independent and to manage more direct screen time through their day. 

Years 3 and 4

These year groups are taught remotely using resources adapted by the school and delivered using the Purple Mash platform. Teachers produce films to accompany resources and to deliver key aspects of the lessons. The teachers are available for contact throughout the day on email and hold weekly online “get together” sessions which all of the class can join to maintain their social contact and to see their teachers. Staff are also in regular contact by phone call in order to support anyone who needs more direct help. We have tried to find a blend of online learning and time away from the screen engaged in artistic, sporting and creative activities.

Year 5

Year 5 use the schools e-Praise online platform in the mornings which allows them to follow most of their normal timetable. As in the younger years, staff produce films to lead the children through bespoke sessions but are also available via the live written messaging service so an on-going dialogue can be maintained. Staff are also available to speak to individuals on the telephone to help support those in need. In the afternoon, Year 5 undertake more creative, artistic, sporting and project-based lessons that enables them to be away from their devices. Weekly online “get together” sessions are held with the class to help maintain some social contact with their friends and to spend some “face-to-face” time with their teachers. 

Year 6

Year 6 have been following their normal timetable throughout the lockdown using the school’s e-Praise platform. This has enabled lessons to effectively carry on as normal with a very structured day, recorded teacher content, tailor-made resources and the opportunity for the pupils to have an on-going live dialogue through the online messaging service aspect of e-Praise. Now Year 6 are back in school, PowerPoints of the core subject lessons are being shared with those at home and we are engaging in much more project work and outdoor activity as suited to the second half of the summer term and after a long period of working remotely.