Lilly wins Blue Boy Award

Posted on December 6, 2023

Lilly and Mr Hibberd

Massive congratulations to Upper 6th student Lilly, who received the Blue Boy Award from the St. John’s Hospital Educational Foundation!

Her citation is nothing short of inspiring:

A fabulous student throughout her time at the school, this student wears her heart on her sleeve and has sought out every opportunity to act as an advocate for the vulnerable; whether helping individuals in school, or raising awareness and crucial funds, she has worked tirelessly. Her achievements are legion: she had an article published for International Women’s Day; is a National Portrait Gallery Youth Forum member; has led numerous assemblies, covering issues from discrimination on intersectionality to Holocaust Memorial Day; has immersed herself in local politics; has organised a variety of fundraisers, including raising money for the victim of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Most impressively, she has helped start and run a Diversity and Inclusion club, organising with others the Maynard School Speak Out Conference, arranging speakers, themes and event management. The event raised money for local charities supporting refugees, LGBTQ+ youth and domestic abuse victims. Lilly spoke at the conference with 200+ attendees throughout the day from local schools, the city council and members of the extended Maynard community. In recognition of this, she was shortlisted for the Queer Role Model of the Year Award UK, with the Queer Student Awards.