Magical Maynard: Good Schools Guide waxes lyrical

Posted on October 3, 2017


As we await the finished report, the Good Schools Guide have given us a preliminary glimpse of what we can expect from the final content following their day spent at the school in September. Having witnessed the school in action and interviewed 20 students as well as several current parents, their verdict was that The Maynard is as close to perfection as any school could be!

“A good school, for us, is an admirable school, the sort whose many qualities and achievements are measurable. The Maynard is by every measurement an admirable school. The very best schools are the precious few we also fall in love with. The Maynard is one of this rare breed. Pinning down what makes a school loveable is difficult because magic, by its very nature, eludes definition. In the case of The Maynard the magic – for us – lies in the spirit of all girls together, everyone supporting each other in a climate of kindness, aspiration and masses of fun. This is single-sex education at its best, free of the inhibitions of self-consciousness, where girls can be girls and grow up to be confident young women.”