Mrs Lewis-Weeks, Director of Sport

Posted on December 15, 2022


As she approaches the end of her first term at The Maynard, we asked Director of Sport, Mrs Lewis-Weeks, about her experience and ambitions.

How has it been stepping into your new role at The Maynard School?

 Busy! Starting a new school is always a challenge, but the environment at The Maynard School make it a lovely place to work. I have felt welcomed by all of the girls and staff members at the school, and I’m excited to lead on taking sport and PE to the next level.

What has stood out to you most about sport at The Maynard School?

 The amazing attitudes of the girls here! They all want to improve, succeed and are all so supportive of each other. The department go the extra mile to provide as many opportunities as possible. 

Personally, what is your favourite sport to play/watch?

 My favourite sports to play are football and hockey, but I really enjoy watching gymnastics. The way gymnasts push their limits always really amazes me! 

What sports icon do you admire the most and why?

 Sarina Wiegman- the way she has led the England women’s football team to European success is truly inspiring, particularly as she started out as a PE teacher!

Where do you hope to drive the Maynard Sports, or what are your goals for the year?

 My goal is two fold- I want to increase opportunities and participation in all physical activity and sport, as well as driving elite sport forwards. Sport for all has always been a driving force behind my reasons for becoming a PE teacher. My firm belief that physical activity has the power to improve confidence, team working skills, leadership skills, as well as improving academic performance, is what impels me to make a difference. On top if this, I aim to provide a supportive programme to allow our elite performers to excel.

We already offer so much in terms of team sports, strength and conditioning, yoga, Les Mills classes, canoeing etc – is there anything else you would like to add to the list one day?

Absolutely! I would like to increase the offering of rugby, football and cricket throughout the school as a priority. I am planning on completing a ‘pupil voice’ survey within my first year to ensure we are delivering what the pupils want, as they are the most important thing in everything we do.