Neva’s campaign for hedgehogs

Posted on May 20, 2024


The topic of recent assemblies is an animal that’s spiky, cute, and might be found right in your garden… You’ve guessed it – girls have been learning all about hedgehogs!

As part of a series of assemblies about Hedgehog Awareness Week, Neva in Year 5 gave a fantastic talk all about hedgehogs, why they’re becoming endangered and how we can help them. She carefully researched and planned the presentation herself and had Maya with her as a fab co-presenter. They both spoke beautifully about a subject they’re clearly passionate about and taught us a great deal, with some ‘top hedgie facts’ including that a group of hedgehogs can be called a ‘prickle’, they can walk over two miles at night, and they eat all the bugs that gardeners dislike!

To make sure that we don’t forget to look after our native hedgehogs, Neva has gifted the Junior School a gorgeous fluffy hedgehog doorstop, now named Hedgie and residing outside Mrs Fabian’s office.

Here’s some of Neva’s advice on how to help the hedgies:

  • Leave a gap in your fence for a ‘hedgehog highway’
  • Make a home for hedgehogs
  • Leave out food and water (if you leave out dog food, make sure the first ingredient is meat)
  • Deal with litter and netting
  • Check before strimming
  • Take care with bonfires